Parent Letters

2021 SEL initiatives
  • Our Sensory Hallway was created for students with disabilities that prevent them from regulating their bodies such as children with hyperactivity/under disorder, sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder, oppositional defiance, attention deficit disorder and developmental disabilities. 


  • This year we are participating in a "Year of Kindness". 

    We will also encourage our students and staff to wear a shirt that relays a message about kindness. Of course, with any spirit day activity, participation is optional.  


    Friday, October 8th  

    Friday, November 5th  

    Friday, December 3rd  

    Friday, January 7th  

    Friday, February 4th  

    Friday, March 4th  

    Friday, April 1st  

    Friday, May 6th  

    Friday, June 3rd  

  • We will continue to use our SOAR philosophy throughout our building. Be a Social thinker, show On-going respect, Always be safe, and be Responsible.



  • We just completed our first "Start with Hello week", students learned about the power they have just by using the word "Hello" 

  • Morning Greetings- K-2 Teachers will greet students in the morning with their choice of a greeting from a pre-determined list of options (approximately 4 choices)  3-5 Teachers will greet students with their choice of hello from a different language  


  • Cultural Connect- Families submit positive messages, quotes, or sayings that represent their culture or family and it is read over the loud speaker as part of the morning messages.  



  • Multicultural Monday- (once a month)  P.S. 5 community is welcome to wear a shirt or clothing item that represents their individual culture.  

MULTICULTURAL DAY CALENDAR DATES - P.S. 5 community is welcome to wear a shirt or clothing item that represents their individual culture. 

Monday, November 15th 

Monday, December 13th 

Monday, January 10th 

Monday, February 14th 

Monday, March 14th 

Monday, April 11th 

Monday, May 16th 

Monday, June 13th 


  • SEL Weekly Social and emotional learning lessons to target the development of identified character traits, also known as the 6 pillars of character. Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.  



  • PBIS Positive behavior classroom management systems will be fostered in our classrooms.



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