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NYC Kids Rise Save for College Program

Dear Kindergarten families, 
Because your child is a Kindergartener in the NYC Public School system s/he is now enrolled in the Save for College Program. The next step is for you as the parent/guardian to activate your child’s NYC Scholarship account and see the funds that have been allocated for their educational future. 
Their NYC Scholarship Account has an initial allocation of $100 and you can increase these funds by an additional $25 reward for activating and viewing their account. We are reaching out to all participating families at P.S. 5 because we want to make sure every family at our school is taking advantage of the opportunity! 
To access their NYC Scholarship Account, follow the steps below. 
Here is a link to a step-by-step guide, as well as a link to a video Once you activate your account, you can log in regularly and monitor the funds and earnings. Join the families at your school who are already saving for college and career training together by taking this important step! 
Building Block 1 - To Activate and View the NYC Scholarship Account: 
2. Click Activate Account 
3. After reading the Welcome statement, scroll down and click activate account 
4. Another small box will appear, and you can click Continue 
5. You will then see a Registration box pop up 
6. Enter your child's Date of Birth, Zip Code, and OSIS Number (Student ID Number), then click submit. 
7. Now you will enter your personal information and create a password 
8. Once that's complete, click on the introductory survey 
9. Complete the introductory survey to earn the first $25 reward, which will be allocated to your child's scholarship account within about a week. 
Do not hesitate to contact me at if you need support to activate and view your child’s NYC Scholarship Account 
After you finish activating the account, you can choose to open your own account as a next step (also known as Building Block 2) so that you can save alongside the scholarship account. 
If you have any questions or would like support opening your own college and career savings account, 
1. Call NYC Kids RISE at 1-833-543-7473 or email them at 
2. Join NYC Kids RISE for a Choose the Right Account Workshop. Attached please find the flyer or click here to see the full list of events and register.


NYC Kids RISE is a nonprofit organization that provides families, schools, and communities with a way to work together to invest in and save for their children’s futures.

Building on the dreams and expectations that families have for their children’s futures, NYC Kids RISE aims to make attending and graduating from college more achievable for all NYC public school students—regardless of where they come from or how much their families have in the bank.

NYC Kids RISE manages the Save for College Program in partnership with the NYC Department of Education and the City of New York. 


Link To Join Remind Text Message Service